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The sun sinks low on the horizon,
Giving off a golden glow.
Shadows dance upon the ripples,
As the waves to shore do flow.

Reflections show the sun's real beauty,
In the shadows of the night.
As the screaming gulls head shoreward,
Wings that shimmer while in flight.

Waves are lapping, oh, so gently,
As I walk upon the sand.
Make the most exquisite music,
Part of nature's wondrous band.

How I love to walk the shoreline,
When the sun is sinking low.
Seeing all of earth's raw beauty,
This is nature's greatest show.

Writing by:
©Mary Alward 2001
(Do not use without permission)
Email Mary

The midi is By The Sea,
Used with permission by
© 2000 Bruce DeBoer



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